Main Exhibition : The Five moons : Return of the Nameless and Unknown
뮌, Korea


First showing the topic of issue, ‘ㄱ’

It was produced in the motive of each initial consonant of Gangwan International Biennale. The main shape of 'ㄱ' is not only the character representing Gangwon, but also the first consonant of the Korean alphabet. It includes the value of Biennale of the unique ‘First’ challenge and ‘First’ experiment into the unknown world. Also, the first capital letters in the English name of Gangwon International Biennale pronounced as ‘GIP’ is expressed.
Moreover, the overall shape of a question mark was also expressed. The unique function of art on presenting a new topic to the world continuously on the issues of present and future through the artwork, and questioning the stereotypical custom were shown in a question mark. Thus, the logo first originated from a Korean character to be developed into a geometrical form and also has artistic meaning.

Korean Type

English Type

Spatial Rule

Minimum margin of space was regulated to prevent other elements from intruding and damaging the image of the logo type. The minimum space is same as the height of the English logo type, and it shall maintain minimum space and guarantee legibility.

Color Code

C 0, M 0, Y 0, K100
C 0, M 80, Y 95, K 0
C 80, M 10, Y 45, K25