Main Exhibition : The Five moons : Return of the Nameless and Unknown
뮌, Korea



Host Gangwon-do
Organizer Gangwon International Art Exhibition
Sponsor Ministry of Culture, Gangneung-si



Sponsor · Support Guide

1. Qualification for Participation

Companies and individuals wishing to sponsor & support Gangwon International Biennale

2. Documents for Submission

  • Gangwon International Biennale Sponsor · Support Application Form (Designated Form) - 1 copy
  • Project Proposal ? 1 copy (Company Introduction, Gangwon International Biennale support method, etc.)
  • Business Registration Certificate ? 1 copy

3. Sponsor Selection Standard & Procedure

  1. Submit Sponsor · Support Application Form to the
  2. Organizing Committee through e-mail or fax
  3. Sign Sponsor · Support Contract
  4. Sponsor · Support Application complete

4. Privileges of Sponsor

  • Sponsor logo shown in the main page and sponsor list in the official website of the Organizing Committee, with the website of sponsor linked.
  • Sponsor web advertisement banner shown in the official website of the Organizing Committee.
  • Sponsor promotion through the official SNS (Facebook, etc.).
  • Guest introduction during the opening ceremony of the event
  • PR video shown (Stage screen before and after the event).
  • Advertisement published in Biennale commemoration publications (Catalogue, pamphlet, result report, etc.)
  • ponsor shown in all PR materials (Outdoor advertisement, photo zone, banners, etc.).
  • Sponsor advertisement shown in all event PR on TV and newspapers.
  • Advertisement section provided on the event pamphlet.
  • Media Kit ? Press release mentioning the official sponsor inserted.
  • Priority invitation to official events such as the opening ceremony.
※ Other additional sponsor · support are possible after discussion (Example ? Linked to submitted artwork, artist support, etc.)
※ On cash sponsor · support, the cash value is calculated to determine the relevant grade.

4. Inquiries

For other details, refer to the External Affairs Cooperation Support Team of Gangwon International Art Exhibition & Folk Art Festival Organizing Committee. +82-33-243-8407
The Organizing Committee is registered as the designated contribution organization as the Gangwon-do designated special art corporation (Designation No. 2016-1), and the sponsor is possible for tax deduction and evidentiary documents can be provided. (Receipt for contribution issued at the end of each year)
On expenditure of cost for advertisement (sponsor), tax invoice can be issued by the Organizing Committee.