Main Exhibition : The Five moons : Return of the Nameless and Unknown
뮌, Korea

Portfolio Review

Portfolio Review

Period Application Period : 11 Sep 2017 - 9 Oct 2017 / 4 weeks
Main Event : 19 Oct 2017 - 20 Oct 2017 / 2 days.
Venue Chuncheon KT&G SangSang Madang Stay, Navi Hall
Contents After submitting the portfolios, review is performed by the external art expert on those selected. During the application period of 29 days, there were 298 applications, and through the internal review, 98 were selected to have 10 minutes of time for conversation to a total of 60 minutes.

* Participating Reviewers (6 reviewers)
- Thierry Raspail: Director of Lyon Contemporary Art Museum in France and Art Director of Lyon Biennale
- Andrey Martynov: (Former) General Director of Moscow Biennale in Russia
- Britta Schmitz: (Former) Chief Curator of Hamburg Bahnhof Museum of Contemporary Art in Germany
- KI Hye-kyung: Management Director of Seoul Museum of Art in Buk-Seoul
-SHIM Sang-yong, Professor at Department of Curator, Dongduk Women’s University (Art Critic)
- HONG Kyung-han: General Art Director of Gangwon International Biennale (Art Critic)

Participating Reviewer

2017 Gangwon International Biennale_Portfolio Review