Main Exhibition : The Five moons : Return of the Nameless and Unknown
뮌, Korea


Realization of cultural Olympism and creation of cultural heritage linked with 「2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics」
Festival enjoyed by everyone!
  • Cultural Olympics participated & enjoyed by the world.
  • Expansion of participation through maximization of diversity.
  • World Festival created through the harmony of sports and culture.
Encounter of Gangwon and the World!
  • Provide an opportunity for globalization of the Gangwon cultural tourist industry.
  • Create new value spread from Pyeongchang
  • Cultural Olympics harmonizing Gangwon and the world.
For the Hope of Tomorrow!
  • Creation of future cultural asset that will remain as the legacy of the Olympics.
  • Cheer for the young generation and inspiration of cultural self-esteem.